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    What are the classic cases of foreign game events?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the classic cases of foreign game events?”
    1. Shadow Sword: Playing the DNF Sky Case
      It is rumored that this game was developed by a Korean team in five years. In order to attract more players, "The Sword of Shadow" came up with a trick: playing games and giving competitors for the best equipment. Sky set is the best fashion that every DBF player dreams. Now there are not only people who send it for free. How can such good things be let go? "Shadow Sword" dares to use competitors to attract players. Can the wonderful creative ideas that hurt the geometry?
      Warriors OL: AV actress endorsement game
      The domestic AV actress still seems to have a gap, but AV actresses are the goddesses of many otakus. The game company seized this and invited a large number of AV actresses as its game "Warrior OL" station to promote, attracting a large number of fans and players.

      In fact, AV actress has more advantages in marketing of new media events. For example, AV actresses are generally not high, but they have huge fan bases and topics. In this way, the "cost -effectiveness" in marketing will be very high. Furthermore, the fan base of gamers and AV actresses is relatively high. Use AV actresses to do new media event marketing, which can achieve more effort.
      Dan Ding Hell: Hire a Christian believers scolding yourself
      The new media event marketing made by this game is relatively strange, and he even thought of hiring Christian believers to scold himself for hype. As everyone knows, they completely underestimate the sensitivity of the field of religion. However, it has to be received. During the exhibition and exhibition in the Los Angeles E3 game, they suddenly came to a group of religious people who claimed to be devout Christians. The responsibilities game used taboo entertainment to sell money in religion.
      Sony: PSP triggers race PK
      In in Western developed countries, racial issues are a very sensitive topic. Once it is touched to the bottom line, it can easily cause social turmoil. However, Sony, Japan, does not seem to take this seriously. When promoting his white version of PSP, he planned a strange advertisement: a strong white woman holding the black race chin and overlooking it.

      . Although in the advertising film, PSP is anthropomorphic and gives emotional colors, which is a very creative marketing advertisement, but this kind of deliberately creating controversial topic to win the exposure new media event marketing is with the exposure and exposure. Very risky, once accidental impact on corporate image and brand value. Hunan New Media Operations remind everyone that new media event marketing also needs to do a good job of risk control. Never plan new media event marketing with the mentality of gamblers.
      Catherine: Buying a luxury version to send limited panties
      The idea to connect the game and underwear is very strange, but someone really does it. The publisher of the adventure game "Catherine" Japanese ATLUS planned a new media event marketing about underwear: every limited edition of each buying game will find a flat -angle underwear with pink spots from the packaging.
      The game company said that playing games should also pay attention to the body and send barwear to remind players to pay attention to health. Unexpectedly, the marketing activities of the new media event were welcomed by the majority of players. The game was quickly snapped up. Many players purchased game underwear at high prices, and the price of the game was rising.

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