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    How to play the wine table game camera


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How to play the wine table game camera”
    1. Use the photo button to capture the expression of the specified object in the wine table. There are extra points for shooting specific expressions.
      This is a chess and card game, poker digital game. Answer 1-10: 1 to 3 is a security card. 4 is to play sincerity adventure. 5 is a camera. 6 is to drink half a cup. 7 is every seven (no 7 or 7 multiple can be said). 8 is the toilet card. 9 is a drink. 10 is neuropathy. 11 is a drink on the left. 12 is a drink on the right. 13 is double drinking (2 cups, 4 cups).
      each person is divided into a card, and it has different functions to be divided into different cards. 1. Get A: Last wine card, let who drink and drink. 5. Get a 5 camera or camera, and the 5 people who hit 5 shout the camera. Everyone stopped all movements and people who moved. 6. Get 6 touches your nose, you can keep it first. Each person is divided into a card, which has different functions to different cards. More than two people play, five dice each. Each person shakes once, and then looks at the points in his own box, starting with the dealer, how many points are there in the dice box. Then the other party guess the letter or not, and the other party believes it. If the other person is wrong, the box will be opened to verify. It is based on the number of other dice boxes.

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