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    How to cultivate "explosive points" thinking


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “How to cultivate "explosive points" thinking”
    1. In the current environment, promotion requires explosive thinking:
      In terms of the current environment, we promoting an APP is not limited to the Android or Apple market. A novel marketing activity, or cooperating with the audience's channel, is likely to make the APP. Let ’s share a few examples below:
      01, chess and card game cases
      The owner of a chess and card game told me that their best way to get the best way to obtain users is offline. Some offline chess and card room cooperation to get the most accurate chess and card game players.
      02. Cases of comic APP
      . A friend in Beijing is doing a comic app. Ask me what good promotion method, I tell her, except for promotion on station A and B, What is really needed to consider who is the user group of the comic app and what are the characteristics? I think most of the comic apps are young people, and even the most of them are young people. So I recommend her to go to science and engineering universities, otaku or silk, and spend hundreds of pieces to do live activities, and pull all students from freshman to seniority. In this way, what is the cost of a single user acquisition?
      03, Tuba Rabbit Case
      I I have learned about Tuba Rabbit before. In addition to advertising on the bus, they are very successful. In fact, they cooperate with 58 home, because one is to decorate, one is to decorate. One does a moving service, so that the crowd can be connected very reasonably.
      04, the case of Yingke
      before Yingke lives before the fire, their promotion methods are actually promoting in offline cinemas in various cities.
      app store traffic secrets?
      In the current environment, many companies do not know how to create explosive points. Then I recommend a relatively reliable way to help everyone get the core users, that is, the App Store. At present, the relatively pure promotion channels are the App Store. We are optimizing in it and have a greater opportunity.
      Many people have iPhone. The following four pictures are the App Store traffic bar. Including boutique recommendations, rankings, exploration, search, and popular search.
      app store's natural traffic

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