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    Hit Mahjong will win the name, the most domineering network name of Mahjong


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Hit Mahjong will win the name, the most domineering network name of Mahjong”
    1. When it comes to playing Mahjong, you will win the name. Everyone knows that some people ask the most domineering net name of Mahjong. In fact, what names are wealth for Mahjong? Let's take a look at the most domineering web name of Mahjong, I hope to help everyone!
      This Mahjong must win the name

      1. Playing Mahjong will win the name: Mahjong's most domineering net name kills no one dare to respect. Essence Playing mahjong special network name.

      2. Mahjong will win the name: no matter what kind of game is playing mahjong, if people want to win, then they must understand skills, especially for games like Mahjong, It needs a lot of skills. When we are playing mahjong games, if we want to win, then we must understand mahjong skills, what kind of skills do we have?
      1. Do you touch one pair of one and one match? N often encounters a case. One more side is available. You can hang up or touched. If you touch it, you need to touch what. For example, it is 33,000 to 50,000. This kind of card should not touch it? It depends on the actual situation. First, it is enough to see if it is enough. The cards in your hand are not enough, and the extra idle is mostly the edge of the side and the wind. The second is to look at the orientation. If you are very happy, and you have already been linked, you can touch the air, then you should touch the card and play a role in controlling control. If it is your starting card, you can touch it; you should be unveiled and don't consider touching. Third to see if you stop your mouth. If you can stop your mouth, you should touch it; if it is a stoppage card, if you touch it, you should generally unveil it.
      What names are we profitable for playing mahjong? 2. What cards do people with a high skill?
      It playing mahjong seems to be a very simple style of cultural and physical entertainment. It will be at a glance, but the skills and effects are very different. Compared with people with high skills, there are three major gaps in people with low skills: First, the ability to do the cards is poor, and the cards in their hands are unclear, not smooth, and not good at choosing a solution. Come and adjust it, you will inevitably play the wrong card. Second, the level of analysis and judgment of the card bureau is poor, and the cards that have been laid down to the field have a little bit of guesses in the hands of the cards in the hands of others. The third is the poor license control technology, basically the self -care, regardless of others, the cards do not need to fight, let go of more, and let the Hu Duo. Based on these three gaps, you can know this: people with poor skills should be a simple structure. For example, the structure of the road road is basically not complicated.
      3. There are skills to order artillery. Can nickname.
      In actual battles, the artillery often occurs. There are many reasons for the count. Several cards are hit, and those who do not order can be zero. Therefore, psychologically, you cannot see the point guns as taboos or burdens. If you play cards with heavy burdens, it is like a snail crawling, and it will always be difficult to reach the forefront of victory. There is a principle of ordering guns. When you have a strong card, especially sometimes, as long as you do n’t give a home artillery, you should fight for the fight and danger. As the saying goes: "Dare to fight and break through, God is refreshing." Ten Gambling Nine Win.com name.
      4. Three moves of salary, keep in prison at all times.
      has three basic skills in the house. One is to hide the cards. In the process of saving cards, we must conceal the intent and not allow the opponent to glimpse your cards. The opponent played the cards you need; the third is to pay attention to the restraint, when to let it, when to let it, what card is built, what card is the card first, and then what cards are available. In actual combat, played three tricks, and the opponent did not move.
      5. Give up prematurely, no confidence. The nickname of the best mahjong.
      In some cards, after grabbing the hand, as soon as you look at the cards, you will directly abandon the plan of the Hetao. With such an idea, you no longer consider leaving cards, but only consider making cards. But sometimes, the card is joking for you. The cards on the road are useful, Zhang Zhangshun, which makes people confused. Because at the beginning, the idea of ​​abandonment is clear, and now this formation is embarrassed, and it is difficult to ride a tiger. If you retreat, you can't bear it, and it is difficult to enter. Therefore, this situation is prompted not to conclude prematurely. Remember "bad cards, start three pieces, think about it, and set the direction."
      The above is the most domineering content related to Mahjong, which is the sharing of the most domineering network name of Mahjong. After watching playing mahjong, I will win the name, I hope this will help everyone!

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