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    A few pairs of landlords


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The landlord can connect a maximum of thirteen pairs, but at least three pairs.
      The landlord game is played by three people, using a pair of cards, the landlord is one side, and the other two are known as the farmers as the other side. The two sides played against each other.
      "Happy Fighting Landlord" is the first real -time play chess and card mobile game of Tencent's mobile game platform. It is a three -player game adapted from the poker game "Running Fast". Determine the victory of the game by playing cards. The game was released in April 2008.
      "Landlord" was originally popular in Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei. Two farmers jointly confronted a landlord. Due to its simple rules and strong entertainment, it quickly swept the country. "Happy Landlord" is based on the traditional rules, introduced "Happy Bean" points, and increased a series of new gameplay such as grabbing landlords, Mingpai, and sister -in -law. Fighting Landlord "game.
      The exquisite UI design, cool animation effects, and bright background music and sound effects in "Happy Landlord" give people a visual shock effect. Whether it is the character design of the landlords, farmers, or the blue table, or the "electric bulb" when the brand is, or the animated design of rockets and bombs, it reflects the designer's unique ingenuity.
      "Happy Landlord" is a collection version that contains the classic gameplay of the landlord and the puppet gameplay, and adds the challenge gameplay. The game screen is exquisite and interesting. You can receive the game beans for free every day to participate in the game. The design of the above elements is well received.

    2. A few pairs of landlords
      In the laws of many landlords, my favorite is classic gameplay. Because the classic gameplay is less likely to double the gameplay and tweeter gameplay. Therefore, entertainment and leisure players prefer classic gameplay, and players who like excitement, they like to have a greater multiplier gameplay. Below, let me talk about the law rules of classic landlords.

      classic landlord gameplay, a pair of cards (54) three -player gameplay. The landlord's 20 cards fight against two farmers with 17 cards.

      The landlord rules: start 17 cards for each family, leave 3 cards, and then randomly (counterclockwise) to take turns to determine the landlord. When calling the card, it can be called "1 point", "2 points", "3 points", "not called". Three ways to determine the landlord: one is to call the local owner directly, and the other is the three of the three, the top lover of the highest score; the third is that the three are not called the landlord, and the first speaker is the landlord. The landlord takes the three cards.

      In the rules of the card: The landlord has a first -hand card. The end of the first round of cards is the first round of cards, and so on, until the end of this game, which is the mainland gameplay.

      The winning or losing rules: First, the landlord first completed the cards on the hand, then the landlord won; Farmers have won.

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